Burfi recipe condensed milk

Burfi recipe condensed milk


Burfi recipe with¬†condensed milk is very sweet recipe . are of different types and this is somewhat different one which is made of condensed milk. This Burfi is very tasty that can easily dissolve when we put on our mouth. If you want to make Burfi Condensed Milk, please follow our instruction below. Looking for “how to make¬† Burfi recipe condensed milk” read below :)


1 cup Besan

1 cup Ghee

1 cup Milk powder

1.5 cup Sugar

400 gm Sweetened condensed milk

A few strands Saffron soaked in tsp of water

A flat metal tray


Put ghee in a pan. Allow it to melt then fry besan for some minute until a pleasant smell comes.

Take another pan and add condensed milk, saffron. Now mix them well. Then cook them for 2 minutes stirring. Now add the fried besan and mix properly.

Then pour the mixture on the tray greased with ghee. Then make the surface even and let it cool for sometimes.

Then cut them in to diamond shapes or squares as you like by using knife or cutter.

Then carefully lift each piece of burfi with a spatula. Then store in an airtight box.

Burfi recipe condensed milk


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