Chakli  recipe

Chakli recipe


Chakli  recipe is the one of the most famous traditional indian sweet dish. This is a really simple and straightforward and also  tasty Chakli  recipe. The nice issue regarding this Chakli recipe is that you just will use store bought standard rice flour. you are doing not got to prepare rice specially by soaking it, drying and so grinding it. Believe me, no elaborate procedures, simply combine everything and build delicious and soft Chakli recipe in an exceedingly matter of jiffy.Festivals in India square measure too several to sit down and count. The country is sort of forever detonating in celebration totally different|in several|in numerous location housing different cultures. individuals get along, share sweets and gifts and revel in abundant fanfare observant some facet of their heritage/religion. One cannot even return to imagine the enchanting time youngsters have. For them, its additional regarding holidays, cousins/friends obtaining along and most significantly – the food. For them, the importance of any given competition is set by the food ready – the additional they just like the snacks/sweets ready for a selected competition, additional they like that competition.Chakli recipe is that the one in all  the  most favorite dish in everywhere  in India.looking for “how to make  Chakli  recipe ”  read below :)

Chakli recipe


1. 1 tsp Black Sesame seeds

2. 1 tsp Chili powder

3. Salt as per taste

4. Oil for deep frying

5. 4 Cups Rice flour

6 1/2 Cup + 2 Tbsp Urad Dal

7. 6 Tbsp Butter

8. 1 Tbsp Jeera seeds

Cooking Method :

1. Fry urad dal while not victimisation any oil perpetually stirring till it turns brownness. Let it cool and grind it into a fine powder while not victimisation any water.

2. currently sieve rice flour , on top of urad dal powder , salt , chili powder double.

3. currently to the current mixture add the thawed hot butter and remainder of the ingredients.

4. Slowly create a soft dough adding solely needed quantity of water.

5. Fill the chakli maker with the on top of dough. On a paper or on a lubricated plate create circular chaklis.

6. in the meantime heat up oil (do not utilize oil as this helps the chalklis stay smart for a month if keep in an exceedinglyir tight jar) in a Sino-Tibetan till nice and hot.

7. Slowly take away the chaklis from the plate and place them in Sino-Tibetan one at a time and fry them on medium heat till they flip golden. take away from the oil. Once cooled store them in air tight instrumentation. Chaklis keep like this remains recent for a month.