Easy vegetable soup recipe

Easy vegetable soup recipe


Easy vegetable soup recipe by sanjeev kapoor is one of the delicious and tasty soup.,This vegetable soup is easy to make at home using different types of vegetable and ingredients . Sometime this vegetable based recipe is called Italian vegetable soup. Sanjeev kapoar a famous Indian chef cooked this recipe in his cuisine programme khana khazana . Here is also the video of easy vegetable soup recipe from khana khazna . This video (Hindi) of vegetable soup by sanjeev kapoor also will help you to make easy vegetable soup at home and also this article is the written format of vegetable soup of sanjeev kapoor . So lets have a look how sanjeev kapoor makes this soup at home. How to make Easy vegetable soup recipe :) read below

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Easy vegetable soup recipe


  • One Chinese cabbage chopped
  • One sliced spring onion
  • Vegetable stock 4 t 5 cup
  • One sliced carrot
  • Fresh button mushrooms sliced 6 to 7
  • Snow peas helved 4 to 6
  • Celery sliced
  • Garlic crashed 2 to 3 cloves
  • Red capsicum sliced one
  • Salt to tast


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