Raj Kachori Recipe

Raj Kachori Recipe


The main ingredients of kachori recipe are flour but in raj kachoris recipe the cuisine style is little bit different. There is also other kachori recipe such as aloo kachori recipe, khasta kachori recipe. Here is step by step guideline on how to make raj kachori recipe at home with a recipe video .



  • Two cups rava
  • Two table spoon flour
  • Four potatoes
  • One cup curd
  • Half cup soaked chana
  • Ten papadi
  • Cumin powder one tea spoon
  • Red chili powder one tea spoon


  1. First take your selected potatoes and cut those potatoes into cube size and boiled those cubes . now keep the boiled potatoes aside of your cooking table .
  2. Soak chana for a night and before cooking raj kachoris boil this chana with water .
  3. Take a bowl and in this bowl mix rava , flour , chili powder and salt as required . use hand to rub this mixture and make smooth pliable dough .
  4. Divide dough into small balls to roll over it . Now roll over the small balls to make small rotis .
  5. Now put the fillings cubed potatoes, chana, papdi and curd into center of each oval and enclose the oval with the help of hand .Then roll again to the ball and make small roti.
  6. So your raj kachori is almost ready now it’s time to fry this recipe.
  7. Take a fry pan and pour vegetable oil to it .then deeply fry those kachories through hot oil .Fry those raj kachories until their color turns into golden.
  8. Now your desired raj kachories are ready to serve so serve this recipe with tomato sauce