Shahi Paneer Recipe

Shahi Paneer Recipe


Shahi paneer could be a preparation of paneer in very thick gravy created by cream, spices and tomatoes. It’s a mainstay of Indian cuisine (mainly North India). It’s in the main devoured with alternative Indian breads or Roti, Chappati . Paneer is that the Indian word for cheese and Shahi is that the Indo-Persian term for royal.  Here is step buy step guideline on how to make shahi paneer recipe at home with a recipe video .



  • 250 gms paneer sliced in cubes
  • 2 large tomatoes chopped
  • 1 large onion blended
  • Clarified butter three table spoon
  • Chopped ginger chopped (one )
  • One large green chili
  • Cardamoms two (crushed )
  • One bay leaf
  • Beaten curd half cup
  • 30 gms melon seeds
  • One table spoon salt
  • 2 tblsp cashew nut paste
  • Cumin powder half table spoon
  • Chili powder (red) half table spoon
  • Garam masala ¾ table spoon
  • Sauce of tomato 2 table spoon
  • One cup milk
  • Coriander leave chopped one table spoon


  1. Soak the melon seeds for minimum two hours then blend those with a blender and make smooth melon seeds paste
  2. In a pan heat two table spoon of ghee add onion ,ginger ,brown cardamoms and green chili .cook until onions comes as pulpy .Then after maxing tomatoes cover this pan for next 7 to 8 minutes .
  3. After 7 to 8 minutes cooking, add melon seeds paste which is prepared before. Add cashew nut and curd now cook again for 3-4 minutes then remove pan from fire.
  4. Let give it some time to become cool .After cooling this put it in a blender with half cup of water then blend well this mixture.
  5. Now take a pan and pour 1 table spoon of ghee. Heat this ghee with a low heat, add purred paste to this pan then again heat for 10 minutes with low heat until oil separates.
  6. Add rest of other ingredients such as salt, cumin powder, red chili, tomato sauce and garam masala .Add water as your requirement to make thick gravy .
  7. Add salt, red chili powder, cumin powder, garam masala and tomato sauce. Add enough water so that there can be thick gravy.
  8. Before removing from fire .Cook again for 5 to 7 minutes. After adding 1 cup of milk .
  9. While serving this add paneer pices .
  10. Garnish with coriander leaves to give a delicious look .
  11. Serve well garnished and delicious hot Shahi paneer recipe  .

So lets cook Shahi paneer recipe at home